April 2021

Prior Art Search

The word ‘prior-art’ is of two different meaningful words, which are ‘Prior’ and ‘Art.’ The term prior means “existing knowledge” and art refers to the “collection, presentation, and documentation of the precious information.” Thus from a layman perspective, we can define that Prior-Art search is the act of collecting, searching,Continue Reading

3 Easy Steps To Buy A Spy Camera Online

These days companies are selling spy security cameras that are perfectly hidden inside objects such as pens, calculators, teddy bears, alarm clock and any other available item. Such mini surveillance cameras can be easily are installed on a biker’s helmet to capture his or her bike ride. Spy cameras have plenty ofContinue Reading

The Silently-Growing Spy Camera Industry

Modern technology has not failed to impact one and all present in the 21st century somehow. The variety of technological advancement going on is undoubtedly mind-boggling. This generation had moved ahead at a lot quicker pace than the age when Wright Brothers pulled off a miracle by flying the firstContinue Reading

Fashion Apparels

Fashion is a way of self-expression and also an art that forms an integral part of one’s personality. The dress we use to cover our body, the shoes we wear, the accessories we flaunt tells us a lot about us. Fashion involves a lot of art and style. It hasContinue Reading


If you are someone who always finds herself perennially drawn towards sequined couture at the red carpet, then your fashion sense is pretty iconic. Good news for you, flashy outfits featuring glitters galore are dominating the trends right now. From tops to heels, glitter is covering everything on runways thisContinue Reading

Sparkly Apparel

Planning to spruce up your wardrobe with something a little extra? Glitter apparels seem to fit that bill best right now. A huge trend at the moment, glitter couture is dominating the ramps and fashion weeks all over the world. Glitter dresses, glitter pants, glitter sweaters, glitter heels, even glitterContinue Reading

Coconut Chips

So Olu Olu has introduced its exciting new refreshing drink i.e. palm wine UK which is becoming quite popular for its rich taste. It contains all natural juices and is made of tropical palm trees and citric acid which make it safe. Palm Wine is quite popular in Africa asContinue Reading