DIY Guide For Home Exterior Painting

 4 Step DIY Guide Will Help You Set Up Your Home For Exterior Painting

Nothing transforms your house like applying a fresh coat of paint on the outside. Choosing to DIY this project entails taking on a significant task, but you can be sure it will be worthwhile when you look up to see your shining, fresh home! And if there are indications that exterior painting is necessary, now is the moment to begin the preparatory phase!

The team of skilled exterior painters crafted a simple, 4-step strategy to make your do-it-yourself exterior painting project as easy as possible. Your exterior painting work will look fantastic and have long-lasting coverage if you follow these instructions!

Step 1: Arrange and Evaluate

Setting up an outside painting space requires careful planning and arrangements before you even grab a brush or roller. Choose the best time of year to paint your home, and thoroughly inspect the exterior painting of your home to determine what paintable area you have.

Weather: If possible, you should paint the exterior of your home in mild, dry weather. For most places, the springtime or early autumn is ideal. The advantages of summertime painting are numerous. However, in overall, you ought to be prepared to avoid problems with rain or extreme heat over this season, as these factors can cause the paint to deteriorate more rapidly and become less committed to the walls.

Lead paint: If you are unsure of the paint’s past and it currently exists on your home, it is a good idea to have it tested for lead. This is especially important for homes built before 1978, when the EPA banned the use of lead paint in residential structures. If you suspect that your home contains lead, you may decide to work with a professional.

Step 2: Filter and Spray

Now that your procedure has been scheduled, it’s time to begin preparing the surfaces. An even finish can be achieved by giving your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning. Inaccurate execution of this phase could result in uneven or flaking paint soon after painting is complete!

Cleaning: Although you might be concentrating on your home’s walls and trim, don’t forget to clean up any tiny surfaces. Fixtures like illumination, handrails, and window sills probably need to be cleaned thoroughly. Next, cover them up while you’re at it to prevent paint from getting on them later!

Power Washing: To give your house a thorough cleaning, use a fan-style nozzle. Run it over the major surfaces, being very careful in areas in which dirt tends to stick or collect. Give it enough time to air out before painting the outer walls of your home. The amount of time the property takes to dry will rely on the degree of humidity, but it ought to require a few days on average.

Step 3: Change and Repair

Now that everything in your house is spotless, let’s get started. There are usually other problems in our homes that need to be taken care of besides cleanliness. We frequently deal with issues like wood rot, peeling paint, and damaged caulk prior to painting an external surface. It is best to take care of these before painting. It’s probably time to replace it if you can’t get it fixed.

Step 4: Test and Prime

We’ve arrived at the last stage. This process involves painting and priming the outside of your house. It’s crucial to take this step to make sure the paint you select is ideal in every situation. To obtain an idea of how your home can appear with different colors applied, you can also utilize our paint color visualizer. Given how important the color of your home is, Golden Hammer also offers color consultation & home painting services in Redbank Plains.

Primer: Pick a primer that is compatible with the kind of material on your house and especially designed for outdoor use. Apply it carefully, getting into all the nooks and crannies.

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Color Testing: The time has arrived to put the colors you have selected to the test. Apply paint samples to various exterior surfaces of your house. Spend a few days living with them and seeing how they alter their appearance as dawn turns into twilight. It is crucial to take into account a color’s ability to fit in with the surroundings of your house instead of just selecting a color you like. Ensuring your entire happiness with the final result and avoiding unpleasant surprises can be achieved by taking this easy step.

Concerns regarding exterior painting? Consult Professional Painters!

Now that your house is ready for an external paint job, make sure you have all the information you need to properly apply the paint! And it’s okay if you have any queries or encounter issues during the route. Golden Hammer’s group of knowledgeable home painters in Redbank Plains is available to respond to any inquiries you may have. We are knowledgeable enough to assist you with any queries you may have regarding paint selection for the space, color selection, or handling rough surfaces.

To ensure that your home looks its best, don’t be reluctant to ask concerns. No inquiry is too trivial. Simply contact Golden Hammer, and we will assist you in painting your house like a pro!