7 Incredible Ways To Choose Best Infertility Clinic

IVF has become the “buzzword” these days. However, still many people are not aware of this technology. According to studies, around 10%-14% of Indian couples are facing infertility problems. It’s a serious issue and should be resolved wisely. Most of the people in India think IVF treatment for infertility is a costly way of getting pregnant, and middle-class families cannot afford it. In this article, we will debunk all the myths about this medical procedure and tell you how to choose the best IVF clinic in Mohali and worldwide. Before proceeding, let us talk a little about IVF technology.

IVF Technology:

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, stands as a groundbreaking medical procedure designed to facilitate conception outside the human body. It involves the meticulous process of combining the male partner’s sperm and the female partner’s matured eggs within a controlled laboratory setting. Under the expert supervision of a reproductive specialist, known as an endocrinologist, the male provides a sperm sample which is collected in a specialized container, while the female’s eggs are gently extracted using a fine needle.

Following fertilization, the resulting embryos are nurtured in a carefully controlled environment for a period typically spanning 3 to 5 days. Subsequently, these embryos are delicately transferred into the female partner’s uterus, where they can potentially implant and develop further.

Undoubtedly, undergoing IVF treatment can be emotionally and physically demanding. However, for many individuals and couples facing infertility, it offers a promising pathway to realizing their cherished dream of parenthood. Through advancements in reproductive technology and the compassionate care of skilled specialists, IVF continues to provide hope and possibilities to those navigating the complexities of fertility challenges.

Check The Past Record

First, check the previous records of the clinic in which you are planning to have infertility treatment. Simply put, check the success rate of the clinic through online reviews and from your acquaintances. Some clinics also mention their success rate on their official website. But, it is better to confirm the actual numbers of successful cases directly from the reproductive endocrinologist. Don’t hassle asking them for their annual clinical reports. It will prevent you from fraud and increase your conception with IVF treatment.

How Many Endocrinologists Are Working In a Clinic?

Sometimes infertility issues are minor and can be treated with the help of solo physicians. However, some cases are indeed complex and require a whole team of reproductive endocrinologists for successful fertility treatment. Therefore, it is essential to confirm how many fertility specialists are working in the clinic. If a team handles your case, then be sure who will assist you on your visits.

Is the Clinic Is Awarded As Center Of Excellence?

The center of excellence reward is given to those infertility clinics for excellent contribution to healthcare. The clinicians of these clinics meet the best practice criteria and provide comprehensive infertility treatments. Verify whether this award has appreciated the clinic you have selected. If yes, then you are going to connect with a trusted IVF center.

What Other Fertility Treatments They Offer

If you are new to infertility, you need to know that several other treatments can help you in conceiving apart from IVF. Without any doubt, IVF is the best treatment to overcome infertility. But sometimes, non-invasive techniques also prove to be very effective. So, don’t forget to ask about other fertility treatments from your reproductive endocrinologist. Some of the other efficient fertility treatments are IUI (intrauterine insemination), assisted hatching, and surrogacy.

Do They Have An Andrology & Embryology Lab?

Don’t take treatment from such clinics that do not have their own andrology and embryology lab. The technicians of an andrology lab collect and test the male’s semen. Also, they supervise the performance of the ICSI procedure, which is the vital part of IVF. The role of an embryology specialist is to choose the best sperm from the male’s semen.

Consider Cost Factor

This is the meat. IVF is one of the most expensive treatments. However, its price varies from place to place. For example, it may be cheaper in one state, and in another, it is slightly more expensive. Similarly, some clinics in one place are very costly, while some charge less for fertility treatment. Do your research well before selecting a specific breeding center. But, do not compromise with the quality because it is going to give you the immense happiness of life.

Do They Accept Insurance?

If your infertility problems fall under the health insurance scheme, you can save thousands of rupees. But, make sure the clinic will accept your insurance.

In conclusion,

While IVF remains a burgeoning topic, many misconceptions surround its accessibility and efficacy, particularly in countries like India. Addressing infertility through IVF can indeed be daunting, compounded by concerns about affordability and the reliability of clinics. However, it’s crucial to dispel these myths and understand the practical considerations when selecting an IVF clinic.

Choosing the right clinic involves thorough research into their success rates, the expertise of their team, and their reputation as a Center of Excellence. Ensuring the presence of essential facilities like an andrology and embryology lab is paramount for quality treatment. Moreover, understanding the range of fertility treatments offered, from IVF to alternative options like IUI and surrogacy, empowers patients to make informed decisions aligned with their needs.

Financial considerations also play a pivotal role, with costs varying significantly across regions and clinics. While affordability remains a concern for many, exploring options such as insurance coverage can alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with IVF.

Ultimately, by debunking myths and understanding these critical factors, individuals and couples navigating infertility can approach IVF with greater clarity and confidence, potentially realizing their dream of parenthood with the support of a reputable and compassionate fertility clinic.