Beard Split Ends: The Problems and Solutions

Beard Split Ends: The Problems and Solutions

There will eventually come a point where a guy’s beard becomes too rough and coarse. The tips of a single hair will eventually split into two when the follicles become too coarse and brittle. There isn’t enough sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands to nourish a beard follicle’s roots and shaft. Insufficient sebum oil will cause your beard hair to dry out if it cannot reach the tips. You will experience itchiness and toughness as a result. Getting your beard too out of control may require you to reach for a trimmer and start over. In your battle against split ends, do not waste your precious time and energy.

Don’t panic if you find a few split ends in your beard when running your fingers through it. Split hairs are completely normal. Itchy beards result from split ends getting out of control and causing your beard to become a mess. Make sure split ends don’t ruin your beard by following a few tips that will help you maintain your mane.

Apply Beard Oil and Beard Balm After Washing Your Beard with a Gentle Shampoo Formulated for Beards

The hair on your head and your beard are very different.

You should never wash your beard with the shampoo you use on your head since the hair on your beard is very delicate.

Regular shampoo can damage your beard by stripping it of sebum oil and other essential nutrients needed for healthy beard growth.

Regular shampoo dries out the skin on your face, which is why your beard itches more often than not. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a detergent often found in shampoos designed for the head, which causes the beard to dry out. Having a dry beard will result in more split ends and should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, a beard wash formulated especially for beards does just the opposite. With essential oils, it hydrates the skin and hair, while cleaning and refreshing them.

If you want your beard to grow and thrive, use beard oil that boosts the environment necessary for it. It is best to stick with a beard balm that contains all-natural ingredients if you are looking to maximize the style and softness of your beard. Colors and artificial scents are not allowed in the best beard balms.

Beard Split Ends

Natural beard balms are prepared with botanicals and essential oils to keep your beard smelling great.

Beard wax is an important part of every man’s beard grooming kit since it helps to style his beard.

Beard wax is great for longer beards with a voluminous form and will help keep your beard in place. Combine beard wax, a beard comb, and Mancode beard oil to create a beard care package that is guaranteed to impress. A decent grooming kit should help your beard develop and stay healthy by supplementing the sebaceous oils that your body naturally produces.

Do Not Use a Hot Iron or Blow Dryer

If you’re like most people, you instantly dry and shape your beard after washing it. When time is short, it’s simple to reach for the blow dryer for a rapid burst of heat. Excessive heat on your beard, on the other hand, will dry up the entire shaft of your beard’s follicles. This is a surefire way to wind up with split ends. The time you save by using a blow dryer or a hot iron has repercussions for both you and your beard.

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Using a blow dryer and a hot iron to dry your beard hair strips it of the moisture that gives it volume, shine, and luster.
Frizziness and a wispy appearance can be caused by heat.

Don’t Comb Your Beard Too Much

Combing your beard assists in the distribution of sebum oil and other nutrients to the tips of your beard hairs.

Beards are delicate and should only be combed once or twice per day. Furthermore, tugging and pulling might cause your beard hair to be ripped from its roots. As a result, cheap and low-quality combs should be avoided because they might cause tearing or breaking. To get rid of snags and tangles, use a natural Sandalwood Beard Comb rather than a metal comb. Teeth that are evenly spaced will slide more smoothly, making combing less painful.

Too Much Coloring and Dying of the Beard Results in Additional Split Ends

Genetics and other things can cause your beard to grey more quickly than you’d prefer. The salt-and-pepper look has its place, but you might want to colorize your beard to keep it looking younger — but be careful. Because the colorization process includes opening the hair’s cuticles so that color can permeate in, hair dyes are harmful to your beards. Your beard hair grows thinner and brittle as a result.

Most colors also contain harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide. Dryness and split ends can both be caused by these substances. If you do decide to use a beard color, be sure it’s made with hypoallergenic components. A beard dye can help.