Check Shirt for Men

Dos and Don’ts when Buying a Check Shirt for Men


A timeless wonder that has been ubiquitous for decades and true to its multifaceted character: old-school charm, rugged camper, rebellious poster boy, hardworking lumberjack, die-hard surfer, 90s grunge rock star to weed artist Every Man’s Wardrobe. A solid white shirt is available in different patterns.

From casual to slightly more chic, checked shirts suit every style and occasion. A designer shirt should be an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Your plaid shirt will never go out of style, so buying one now will be an investment that will last forever.

Different types of check shirts for men

1. Graph check

Just like with the stripes, there are different ways to break up the diamond pattern. One way is to first look for controls that consist of thin lines instead of wide bars.

The most basic strip of thin lines is a map control where the lines are equidistant from each other, usually fairly close together, and usually on a white background. The result smells like graph paper.

2. Windowpane check 

The final type of fine line control, although not usually seen on fabrics, is the window. Like the previous two cards, only on a larger scale, they often appear on shirts together with other patterns.

A checked shirt is definitely a versatile and elegant piece to have in your wardrobe. Now you can wear plaid shirts that have never gone out of style. Smart casual is hard to pull off when you try on a plaid shirt.

3. Buffalo check

When the gingham check is too large, it multiplies into many different colors and permutations, none of which are sufficiently dominant to warrant a common name.

Check shirts for men are more popular today and have become especially fashionable in the last three years. Try to choose neutral tones, high-quality materials, and long sleeves.

4. Gingham Check Shirts

The best checker shirt, gingham, is usually white and various shades of red or blue. You’re more likely to see it in a mid-weight cotton yarn or linen in the summer than in a plaid fabric. It was usually worn in a uniform, tucked into jeans with suspenders, but dress interpretations were also featured.

5. Tattersall check

A graph check can have more than one bar color, but this is rare. But Tattersall checks are defined by these many colors, made up of thin lines, like graphic checks.

Typically used in the country, a solid white shirt is a combination of six to ten different colored stripes, usually on a white or yellow background.

However, there are some clear, unspoken rules for wearing a plaid shirt, even if they’re subtle. 

Here’s our ‘Dos’ checklist to avoid fashion mistakes

  • The Intimidating Ensemble: a gray check Shirts for men combined with a dark gray checked shirt (checked or graphic checks work) and accented with a small puff collar and a dark gray skinny tie.
  • Casual Friday Ensemble: Casual Friday, practical yet stylish; ditch the tie; try a simple dark tartan shirt and cream trousers; and switch to happy hour on Friday.
  • Work pleasure on Saturday: elegant solid white shirt lunch followed by a quick meeting on the road. Wear a casual rolled-up checked shirt with a fitted waistcoat and smart khaki trousers.
  • Smart casual outfit for the evening: a medium-sized shirt in white and navy blue and a contrasting brown or gray jacket, worn with denim. Or a white and navy blue button-up with a navy blue jacket or blazer and cream trousers.
  • Working in that ensemble: So there are some meetings; just arrest you. Pair with a tailored blue and white button-down shirt, navy blue skinny trousers, and a navy blue tie for the perfect business-casual look.

The Don’ts of Checks

  • Steer clear of similar patterns: A check Shirts for men is a separate form that requires your full attention. Combining checked shirts, ties, and mesh patterns can be very confusing; you lose the desired effect, and there will be no clear winner.
  • On the other hand: When choosing other models, remember who the hero is and choose again, because if the controls are large and spaced, the tie may have smaller models and vice versa.
  • Body Type: Best suited for men with an athletic to slim build, as the controls give a wider or broader appearance. Many men may want to avoid this test.
  • Matching trousers: If you combine a checked shirt, choose plain trousers. Striped or checked pants make your outfit look busy.
  • Checks come in all sizes: Make sure the checks fit you. The saying ‘one size fits all’ does not always apply to everyone. You can’t wear a tight-checked lumberjack shirt! Choose a solid white shirt for younger children and regular cuts for adults.


Solid white shirts are a common casual style that can easily be worn to create a smart look for formal events. If you find the right size and color of your choice, you can’t go wrong by adding one of these shirts to your wardrobe. Remember, a designer shirt is an investment piece that never goes out of style.

Buying a check shirt for men involves more than just picking a pattern you like. By considering the fit, fabric, pattern size, colors, and occasion, and by paying attention to details like the collar style, sleeves, quality, and care instructions, you can ensure you make a stylish and smart purchase. Follow these dos and don’ts to find the perfect check shirt that will become a versatile and cherished part of your wardrobe.