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Geekzilla Podcast: Best for the passionate geeks

In today’s world we can find a lot of podcasts online and for passionate geeks, Geekzilla Podcast is the best one as it takes you to the world of engaging content along with exploring history and the platform aims to cater for a vibrant community. Geekzilla has content for all types of geeks like people who enjoy reading seasoned comic books or people who like playing video games and casually like watching movies. 

Additional details about the Geekzilla Podcast 

Origin of Geek Zilla podcast goes back to 2015 and was then created by self-proclaimed geeks Sarah and John who have immense passion for geek culture and they wished to share this passion with other geeks via their podcast. The aim was quite simple, this duo wanted to create a space for open discussion and analysis of movies, games, TV shows, and much more. Using this platform they wanted to connect to like-minded people and celebrate the world of geekdom. 

Over the years, this podcast has earned a lot of popularity and they now have a decent number of loyal followers who listen to them regularly from all corners of the world. The format of the podcast remains constant but the content keeps on changing fostering all types of listeners. Geekzilla commits to delivering high-quality, entertaining and informative content to listeners exploring a broad spectrum of geek interests. Hosts, John and Sara try to indulge in different topics so that they can offer the best details and information about it to the listeners. 

Different topics explored on Geekzilla Podcast for listeners 

Let’s have a look at the topics which are explored on the podcast – 

  1. The show will take you down the lane of video games where you will get to know about the recently released, gameplay analysis and some insightful reviews of games along with discussions on the dynamic world of video games. 
  2. You will get to know about the latest television shows and movies in this podcast however you might get some spoilers in the discussion so if you haven’t watched the show or movie yet try avoiding the podcast. The discussions include plot critiques, character analysis and commentary on the themes covered. The podcast also explores the cultural impact the movie or show has on society. 
  3. Geek Zilla podcast goes beyond the screen and they also explore comic books by getting into the vibrant comic world where new releases are discuss along with upcoming movie adaptions, characters, storylines and other things.
  4. Pop culture is a trendy topic on Geekzilla, discussion on trending topics, upcoming events, viral internet sensations or anything which sparks the interest of the hosts is discuss. 
  5. Adding an extra layer to their content Geekzilla often features interviews with professionals from the industry such as actors, directors, writers, game developers, comic creators, and more who work behind the curtain of the geek culture machine. 

To find out more details about the podcast Geekzilla you might try accessing the website Techzeel which offers information to the readers in detail so that they do not miss out any important specification. 

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