How Businesses Leverage The ERP For Their Operations

.The story of adaption and ‘transitions’ isn’t new; every business across all significant stage have done it once or more in their lifetime. Organizations often require successfully transitioning from their traditional processes to new, technologically advanced ones via different software and ERP systems categories. Talking of transitions and changes, businesses across the globe have undergone one major transition in terms of how they operate. Over 70% of organizations worldwide have undergone digitization with the SAP S/4HANA ERP as the cornerstone of their operations. 

We’ve listed three real-world examples in this blog to showcase the positive impact of SAP S/4HANA implementation. Continue reading to understand how the SAP ERP shapes your organization’s future and get the inspiration to make the right move.

SAP S/4HANA Success Stories For Different Businesses

Success Stories #1

From selling ‘only a machine’ to offering comprehensive services

Organization’s desired outcome:

An equipment manufacturer wanted to move beyond its current service model and offer predictive maintenance, no longer selling equipment but moving to sales as a service.

Strategic Decisions:

The organization just completed a PoC on the S/4HANA Cloud and recognized the potential advantages of switching. The business noticed how it could monitor the fleet’s condition in real-time. The advantages spread throughout different aspects of their operations, and the possibility of increased profit resulted from the thoughtful implementation. 

Wonder how? By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors installed in their devices, all data was collected and analyzed using the S/4HANA Cloud Platform. Additionally, to get insight into the equipment, they needed third-party data (such as weather information) master and transactional data from the back-end system (which was also merged). This way, they could track the device’s performance precisely, measuring how much product was consumed and determining how long particular pieces of equipment could last before needing replacement.


The PoC demonstrated how the new S/4HANA technology allowed the company to redefine its businesses and stay competitive. It allowed the organization to locate the possibilities of upselling and improving the other aspects of customer service. 

Moving ahead from their manufacturing, the ability to provide their clients with a service where they just pay for the usage of the equipment rather than the full machine was the right move. Thanks to the rightful implementation, SAP could assist the business in its future operations.

Success Stories #2

SAP S/4HANA allowed businesses to reach a new position in their niche market.

Targeted outcome of the organization

A consumer company that was into supplying soda machines to the hospitality sector wanted to establish connections with end consumers.

Strategic decision(s)

Our second example is a consumer firm that provides soda machines to the hotel industry. This business likewise wants to communicate with the end user via the Internet of Things, similar to case study #1. 

The organization’s primary goals were to make the product easily accessible and determine individual buyers who purchased what and at which machine. This would be the case when a soda machine would run out of (particular) drinks while tracking how best to carry out financial activities.


Thanks to the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, the business could deliver a customized supply to the business. The company gathered data about the exact sodas that residents in that location prefer, which was made possible by thoroughly examining the organization’s points of contact and sales. 

They were also able to get notifications when a machine needed new inventory and learn important data that allowed them to decide whether or not a piece of equipment belonged to a given machine. Since the entire ecosystem was connected over S/4HANA and all machine-generated data with back-end data, they could manage a supply chain that is smoother, more optimized, and more effective.

Success Story #3

Digital Healthcare For Customers & Employees

Targeted outcome of the organization

A global healthcare group was looking to increase its patients by offering innovative services and providing a better working environment for home care nurses.

Strategic decision(s)

The business needed operational hindrances across both internal and external factors. The organization was challenged with overcoming complicated internal procedures and administrative work, in addition to changes in general demographics, conscious patients, and one’s who frequently sought second opinions, among other factors. 

There was also an increase in the number of legal and regulatory obligations faced by the healthcare provider. The business had to adopt an outcomes-based strategy (as opposed to a product-based one), embrace more real-time insights and documentation, and prevent task duplication to overcome these challenges. Their ultimate goal was to reimagine the home care industry using the SAP S/4HANA platform.


The organization enhanced care quality and happier nurses and patients by simplifying the transition from hospital to home care, providing a continuous information flow, having excellent communication across the value chain, and supporting efficient documentation and invoicing. 

Overall, the previous healthcare organization was able to add value to the lives of its customers and employees. Consequently, due to digital communication technologies like video simulation, nurses needed one hour less each day to complete their jobs. What’s more? The back office received 15% fewer inquiries and better patient communication.


All three companies involved in our case studies were able to leverage the perks of it in their respective business fields. No matter the niche or the type of services or products, SAPs ERP has proven its success.  Across different categories and sought to provide businesses with improved results. 

Looking at such improved results, what could the SAP S/4HANA implementation do to your operations? Let’s uncover the possibilities with Avally today!