How I Made the Switch to Platinum Razor Blades: My Experience

How I Made the Switch to Platinum Razor Blades: My Experience

Shaving is a daily ritual for many people, and finding the right razor blade can make a significant difference in comfort and results. For years, I used standard razor blades without much thought, but after hearing so much about the benefits of Platinum Razor Blades, I decided to make the switch. Here’s a detailed account of my journey and experience with Platinum Razor Blades, and why you might want to consider them too.

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Why I Decided to Switch to Platinum Razor Blades

Dissatisfaction with Standard Blades

I started to notice that my regular razor blades were not performing as well as they used to. They would dull quickly, leading to a rough shave and occasional nicks and cuts. Additionally, I often experienced razor burn and skin irritation, which was both uncomfortable and unsightly. These issues prompted me to look for a better alternative.

How I Made the Switch to Platinum Razor Blades: My Experience
How I Made the Switch to Platinum Razor Blades: My Experience

Positive Reviews and Recommendations

During my search, I came across numerous positive reviews and recommendations for Razor Blades. Many users praised their sharpness, durability, and the smooth shave they provided. Intrigued by these testimonials, I decided to give  Razor Blades a try.

The Initial Purchase: Choosing the Right Platinum Razor Blades

Researching Brands

Before purchasing, I did thorough research on different brands that offered Razor Blades. I compared features, prices, and user reviews to find the best option for my needs. Some of the top brands I considered included Gillette, Astra, and Feather.

Making the Purchase

After careful consideration, I decided to buy a sample pack that included Razor Blades from various brands. This way, I could test multiple options and determine which one worked best for me. I ordered the sample pack online, and it arrived within a few days.

Trying Out the Platinum Razor Blades

First Impressions

My first shave with a Platinum Razor Blade was a revelation. The blade glided smoothly over my skin, cutting the hair effortlessly without pulling or tugging. The sharpness of the blade was evident, and I immediately noticed a closer shave compared to my previous blades.

Testing Different Brands

Over the next few weeks, I tested the different brands included in the sample pack. While all the  Razor Blades provided a superior shave, I found that some brands suited my skin and shaving style better than others. For instance, I particularly liked the Feather blades for their exceptional sharpness and the Astra blades for their balance of sharpness and smoothness.

Adjusting My Shaving Routine

Switching to Platinum Razor Blades also led me to adjust my shaving routine. I realized that with sharper blades, I didn’t need to apply as much pressure, which reduced the risk of nicks and cuts. I also started using a high-quality shaving cream and a proper aftershave to enhance my shaving experience further.

Benefits of Using Platinum Razor Blades

Sharpness and Precision

One of the most significant benefits of Razor Blades is their sharpness. These blades are coated with platinum, which makes them incredibly sharp and precise. This sharpness allows for a closer shave, leaving my skin smooth and stubble-free for longer.


Another advantage is the durability of Platinum Razor Blades. Unlike standard blades that dull quickly, Platinum Razor Blades maintain their sharpness for multiple shaves. This durability means I need to replace the blades less frequently, which is cost-effective in the long run.

Reduced Skin Irritation

Since switching to Razor Blades, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in skin irritation and razor burn. The sharpness of the blades allows for a cleaner cut, which minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation. My skin feels smoother and more comfortable after each shave.


While Razor Blades may be slightly more expensive than standard blades, their durability and performance make them a cost-effective choice. I found that I was replacing blades less often, which offset the initial higher cost.

Challenges and How I Overcame Them

Finding the Right Brand

One of the challenges I faced was finding the right brand of Platinum Razor Blades that suited my skin and shaving style. The sample pack approach worked well for me, allowing me to test different brands and make an informed decision.

Initial Investment

The initial cost of Platinum Razor Blades can be higher than standard blades. However, I overcame this by buying in bulk, which reduced the cost per blade. Additionally, the extended lifespan of each blade made the investment worthwhile.

Adjusting Shaving Technique

Switching to a sharper blade required me to adjust my shaving technique. I had to learn to use a lighter touch and let the blade do the work. This adjustment took a few shaves to get used to, but the results were well worth it.

Tips for Switching to Platinum Razor Blades

Start with a Sample Pack

If you’re considering switching to Platinum Razor Blades, I recommend starting with a sample pack. This allows you to test different brands and find the one that works best for you without committing to a large purchase.

Use Quality Shaving Products

Pair your Platinum Razor Blades with high-quality shaving products. A good shaving cream or gel and a soothing aftershave can enhance your shaving experience and further reduce the risk of irritation.

Take Your Time

Take your time when shaving with Razor Blades. Use slow, deliberate strokes and let the blade glide over your skin. Rushing can lead to nicks and cuts, even with the best blades.

Maintain Your Blades

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your Razor Blades. Rinse the blade thoroughly after each use and store it in a dry place. Avoid tapping the blade against the sink, as this can damage the edge.


Switching to Razor Blades has been a game-changer for my shaving routine. The sharpness, durability, and overall performance of these blades have provided me with a consistently smooth and comfortable shave. While there was an initial investment and a slight learning curve, the benefits far outweighed any challenges. If you’re struggling with your current razor blades or looking to upgrade your shaving experience, I highly recommend giving Platinum Razor Blades a try.

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