Skin Care Boxes

Modern Packaging Issues & One Solution: Skin Care Boxes

The skin care market has observed a huge growth in the last decade with the wellness trend getting global. Plus, social media is also a significant driver behind making people more aware of their physical well-being and skin care is a big part of it. As it is said that filters are great, but skin care is better, Taking care of your skin has now become a daily routine and a vital part of the overall health regimen.

People need skin care items to take care of their skin and brands need packaging boxes to take care of all these products. Most popular skin care items include lotions, creams, serums, toners, masks, mists, sunscreen, etc. All these products further divide into diverse categories which makes it a daunting task for brands to pack them. But, that’s not a worry as they can rely on Custom Skin Care Boxes for safely packing and shipping these diverse items while fulfilling marketing goals.

Why Skin Care is Important?

We shared the vitality of skin care in current times but that’s mostly due to recent trends and social media pressure. Aside from that, it’s always better to take care of your skin for these reasons:

  • Largest Organ: Our skin is the largest organ we have that acts as a barrier between the surroundings and our internal systems which makes it important for us to take great care. Otherwise, cracks can appear on your skin if it gets irritated or dry, which raises the chances of getting infections.
  • Harmful Diseases: Our skin comes first in contact with outside matters including sunlight. It plays a huge part in guarding us against harmful sun rays. Doctors suggest sunscreen for this reason for both kids and adults as you might know how skin cancer affects people of all ages and even cause death.
  • Beauty: Everyone wants to appear young and beautiful but skin care is vital for this purpose. Science proves that skin cell production reduces with age which means wrinkles appear on the face and lose glow. That’s why brands offer skin care items that remove dead skin cells which regrow into new cells that retain your skin’s glow and prevent wrinkles.
  • Prevention: Skin care is for everyone and not only for people with sensitive skin. Hence, brands offer several products that prevent your skin from getting infected or aging in the first place. Instead of treating your skin after getting illnesses, it’s better to make it a daily priority and prevent several issues from arising in the first place.
  • Pollution: Rising pollution is also raising the chances of getting skin infections and making it more sensitive. Several pollutants like bacteria, germs, dust, fungus, and harmful gases impact the skin while the depletion of the ozone layer is also allowing harmful sun rays to reach our skin and affect it. Brands offer many lotions, creams, and sunscreens to prevent such issues and treat them.

Modern Issues Skin Care Boxes Need to Resolve

Skin care products are important for treating skin issues but they also need packaging that takes care of their quality, safety, and display. Besides, modern times have also raised several modern issues that these boxes need to resolve. Let’s discuss the top issues:

  1. The global skin care market is projected to grow from $143.5 billion in 2022 to over $186 billion by 2028. Such promising stats also compel brands to bring innovation in their packaging and make them more presentable and functional.
  2. With online shopping becoming a norm, the demand for secure boxes has also risen as brands often have to deliver orders over long distances i.e., across multiple continents. Thus, brands need packaging boxes that ensure orders’ safety on the way until they reach buyers.
  3. No brand can sustain its position in the marketing without promotion and their demand has only risen with time. Thus, packaging brands also have to get creative and use modern tools to amp up the marketing game.
  4. Pollution is a grave issue in today’s world and packaging plays an important part in it. As skin care items enjoy a huge market base globally. They also need packaging that not only protects them but nature as well. Thus, brands need green packaging solutions as an alternative. But they also need to cater to other packaging demands as well.

Choosing Custom Skin Care Boxes for Packaging

Custom skin care boxes are the solution to address all these issues which makes them as valuable as gold dust. Let’s see how these boxes resolve all these issues:

1. Use of Technology

The booming skin care market compels brands to bring innovation in packaging through the use of technology. QR codes, AR, VR, NFC, RFID Tags, and several other new tools can be embedded in skin care packaging to amp up their marketing game. Brands can transfer vital details from the box surface to QR Codes which clients can access through phones.

AR and VR technology offers a 3D view of the product, maximizing a brand’s marketing ability. Moreover, with new printing tools, materials, and finishing options being introduced, brands can now meet the rising marketing demands of skin care items.

2.  Safe Dispatch

Skin care packaging boxes can be made from robust materials like card stock, kraft, rigid, and corrugated that ensure the safety of products being delivered over long distances. This is a sigh of relief for online brands that can now ensure safe delivery and gain clients’ trust.

They can add multiple layers of materials to raise box thickness and amplify safety levels. Offering such safety is vital as it gives clients confidence about safe delivery. And they build trust in the brand which translates into more sales profits.

3.  Marketing

Materials like card stock are best for printing a wide range of colors and designs and creating enticing and clear branding elements. Brands can raise the marketing ability of materials like kraft and corrugated by applying sheets or paper on their surfaces that accept different printing inks on their surfaces.

As stated earlier, new tools like QR codes, NFC, VR, and others are opening new horizons for brands to raise their marketing ability. New materials that accept modern printing inks, UV light, and laser, also allow brands to print more enticing designs and branding elements that engage buyers.

4.  Saving Nature

Nature has provided mankind with alternate options for packaging that don’t add to pollution. Materials like card stock, kraft, and others are shining examples that not only save your products but nature as well.

With a minimum to zero Carbon emission rate, these green materials offer a chance for brands to save nature by increasing their usage in making boxes. They can attract more clientele who care for nature. All brands have to do is promote their green vision is possible with skin care packaging.

Skin and packaging, both are important for looking presentable and preventing inside contents from damage. So, offer your customers the best skin care items and let Packaging Mania take care of your product’s packing. Our printed skin care boxes made from fine materials. And polished with the best varnishes are enough to fulfill your marketing goals.