Opal vs. Moonstone

Opal vs. Moonstone: Comparing Two Mystical Gems

If you’re looking for mysterious gems, opal gemstones and moonstones are two of the best. Both of these gems are equally beautiful and have an etheric appearance. This is one of the reasons that they are loved equally by gem lovers and jewellery makers. But how do you choose between them, and what makes them different? You need to have a glance into the magical worlds of Opal stone and moonstone. In this blog, we will find out what makes them different and what their secrets are.

The enigmatic elegance 

Often called the “Queen of Gems,” the original opal stone is a stone with stunning beauty and bright colour play. The “play-of-colour” of this rock is famous. When the stone catches light, flashes of bright colours dance across the surface. The wide range of colours of this gem ranges from bright reds and oranges to calm blues and greens. This creates a kaleidoscopic effect that is truly beautiful.

The beauty of opal stones comes from the fact that no two are exactly the same. Because of this, each gemstone piece is a unique gem. Most opal ratna comes from Australia, which makes about 95% of the world’s supply. Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil are the other sources. Different places where they were formed affect the differences in their colour and design.

People have respected opal for a very long time because they think it has magical powers. Opal is seen as a sign of hope and purity in some cultures, while in others it is thought to have the power to make feelings and thoughts stronger.

The Ethereal Moonstone

With its soft, pearly sheen and calming glow, Moonstone is often linked to the moon and its feminine, relaxing energy. Feldspar minerals are present in it, and its adularescence makes it popular. Due to the visual effect that gives the surface a bluish-white sheen that looks like moonlight, Gemstones that are clear on the inside and have a strong blue adularescence are called “blue moonstones,” and they are the most valuable. These are mostly found in India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Opal and moonstone are both captivating gemstones with unique qualities. Opal, known for its vibrant play-of-color, displays a spectrum of hues due to its internal structure, making each stone unique. It is often used in jewelry for its striking, colorful appearance. Moonstone, on the other hand, is celebrated for its adularescence—a soft, ethereal glow that moves beneath its surface when viewed from different angles. This phenomenon gives moonstone a mystical, moonlit appearance. While opals are delicate and require careful handling, moonstones are relatively more durable. Both stones are prized in different types of jewelry for their distinct and enchanting visual effects.

In the metaphysical world, moonstone is praised for its ability to calm and balance. It is often seen as a stone of fresh starts that helps people grow and become stronger on the inside. People think that moonstone can improve their intuition, calm them down, and make them feel more emotionally stable. Because it is linked to the energy of the moon and the goddess, women use it a lot in their healing routines.

Comparing the two 

Several things must be taken into account when considering original opal stones and moonstones:

Appearance and Color

Regarding looks and colour, gemstone opals are very popular because of their beautiful play of colours. That is because every gemstone is different, with its own design and mix of colours. In contrast, moonstones are surely more beautiful, with their soft, sparkling adularescence and soft colours. A lot of people say that they look mysterious and soothing, like moonlight caught in stone.

Significance in culture and mysticism

Both stones are very important in mythology and culture. While moonstones are linked to intuition, balance, and feminine energy, original opal stones are often seen as signs of creativity and desire. Which one to choose can depend on your personal views and the metaphysical properties you want.


Opal stone is harder than moonstone but not as durable. Moonstone is harder to scratch because its hardness is higher. Because of this difference, moonstone might be better for regular wear, especially in bracelets and rings.

Price and Availability

These of high quality, especially black opals with strong colour play, can be very pricey and hard to find. While moonstones are also valuable, they are usually less expensive and can be found in a wider range of jewellery styles. Opal stone price are based on these features.

Making a Choice

If given a choice, then it depends on your personal taste and the traits you’re looking for in a stone. Opal Ratna might be the best choice for you if you like bright, colourful shows and one-of-a-kind gems. But moonstone might be the right gem for you if you want a more gentle, mysterious beauty that can help you relax and feel balanced


Both gemstones are beautiful and magical in their own way, and both would look great in any jewellery collection. The fiery brightness of opal and the peaceful glow of moonstone are both beautiful gems that can charm and inspire. Opals are primarily sourced from Australia, while moonstones are found in locations such as Sri Lanka and India. The value of an opal is often determined by the intensity and variety of its colors, whereas moonstones are valued for their clarity and the quality of their adularescence. Both gemstones have historical significance and are believed to possess metaphysical properties—opal is associated with creativity and inspiration, while moonstone is linked to intuition and emotional balance.