Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Dinner Party

Quick Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Dinner Party!

You want your house ready for guests, no matter if you are hosting a dinner party or a backyard barbecue. These are seven easy ways to prepare your house for any kind of gathering.

First Impressions

Wine Cooles for Dinner Party

The front entranceway is the most important area you should prime because it’s what people will see first. Your front entranceway should be welcoming and clean. If you have windows, clean them and sweep the floor. You should ensure that there is enough space for shoes and adequate hanging space for coats. A DPA or Designated Purse Area is something I love to do. It is always a great idea to welcome your friends with some amazing drinks like wine coolers. This way, anyone who brings a purse along knows exactly where it can be stored, where it’s safe, and where it will be at the end.

Clean Windows

While I don’t recommend cleaning every room, you should look at the area where your dinner party will be and clean all windows – both inside and outside. Although we don’t think much about windows, they can make your space look messy or dirty. It’s easy to fix and can have a huge impact.

Preparing for the Bathroom

It’s likely that guests will use your bathroom. Check your medicine cabinet first. Your guests may peek inside and it will make you feel better knowing that there isn’t anything personal.

Make sure to have plenty of soap and clean towels on hand. If you have a small bathroom with just one bathroom, consider removing your bath towel. You don’t want other people to dry their skin with the same towel that you are drying your body.

Also, make sure you have toilet paper on hand. You don’t want someone to have to look for it. In case of slow toilet times, make sure you have a plunger.

Reduce The Clutter

Even if you have a clean house, it is still a good idea for your home to be sorted. Chad and I do this before having guests over. When there are many people in the room, less is more. We will put everything in a temporary spot and then replace it once the dinner party is over.

It is important to dispose of any broken items that you don’t want. You don’t want anything to get stained or broken.

Chow Time

There are two types of parties: There are formal, fancy parties where you bring out the china and informal parties where you use disposable dishes. Each has its pros and cons. However, I prefer to choose more eco-friendly options. Disposable dishware will make guests more likely to place their food and garbage where they belong.

Champagne Glasses for Dinner Party

Spend a few extra minutes if you are using formal dishware. You can then wash it with hot water and vinegar, and give it a thorough clean using a flat weave microfiber towel. Make sure to clean your modern champagne flutes properly to maintain them. This will make it shine and remove any traces of dirt or grime.

It Should Smell Great

Your house’s smell can have a profound effect on people from the moment they step in it. You want to be the guy who makes people smile and not make them sniff. What can you do to make your house smell better? Get some fresh flowers, light some candles, diffuse essential oils, and clean your space.

If you have cats, like me, make sure your litter box is clean and spray fabric refresher on any upholstery. To be considerate of pet allergy sufferers, we do some vacuuming.

Prepare for Disaster

Although you shouldn’t expect the worst, it is important to be prepared. Spills happen. Make sure you have a “cleaning emergencies preparedness kit” for guests who are coming to your home. A bucket, stain removers, and cleaning cloths are all you need to handle any unplanned events.