Saree: A Timeless Appeal Which Won’t Go Out Of Trend

India is a multicultural land. As you know, there are eight major religions in the world. And all the eight major religions are found in this country. Culture has always played a major role in this nation and people prefer to stay connected to their roots. Even when they are staying abroad. It is because they believe that their culture is their identity. They are immensely proud of the Indian tradition, its heritage and enriching history. People of India never fail to depict the rich cultural heritage through different ways. Sometimes through food and sometimes through dance, music, art, literature and architecture, they depict the unique and intricate culture of India.

Out of all these things, there is one particular thing which never fails to depict the rich culture and heritage of India in detail. And that is none other than the Indian ethnic wear. Indian ethnic wear is available in a wide range of varieties. And out of all the Indian ethnic wear which you will find, a saree has a timeless appeal. It is one of those Indian attires which never goes out of trend no matter what. Therefore, in the era of designer lehengas and Indo western outfits, a saree always remains on the top.

India Saree: Six Yards of Pure Grace

In this article we shall be looking at some of the facts regarding why a saree which is a timeless elegance can never go out of trend. This six yards of pure grace which can make a woman look divine and heavenly can be found in different garment stores and on various websites. In fact these days, different websites selling Indian outfits come with a wide range of collections of traditional sarees, modern sarees and Indo western sarees.

Like A Diva is one such website from where you can get all kinds of Indian and Indo western outfits , ranging from Indian suits to Indian sarees. Let us now have a look at some of the facts regarding why sarees will never go out of trend. And you can embrace this timeless grace anytime anywhere. For instance, Alia Bhatt is the recent example of embracing a Sabyasachi’s saree with grace on the red carpet of Met Gala, which is an international fashion event held every year on the Western land.

Comes with cultural significance and rich heritage

maroon Ssaree
Green Silk

One of the major reasons why the saree will never go out of trend is the fact that it comes with cultural significance and rich heritage. How will people know that you are an Indian? Well, when you follow your culture and tradition and wearing an Indian outfit is one way of indicating that you are an Indian. For instance, this year Alia Bhatt, an Indian celebrity, represented India at the Met Gala. She wore an outfit according to the theme of the event. However, she chose to wear an intricately designed well embellished designer saree to the event.

This is one of the ways of showing to the world that she is an Indian and she is representing India on a global platform. If she hadn’t worn a saree, many would not have guessed the country to which she belongs. It is the outfit, that is the saree she wore, that depicted her identity as an Indian. Therefore, a saree has a major role to play in representing the culture of the country. In almost all the regions you will find women wearing sarees, the difference is that the fabric and the design varies from place to place. This further depicts different cultures having different ways of wearing a saree.

Versatile and can be draped in different techniques

Ruffle Saree
Blue Saree

As mentioned above, different cultures have different ways of wearing a saree. And it is the draping technique that makes a huge difference. Bengalis have their own way of draping a saree. Similarly Gujaratis, Odias, Tamils, Telugus and so on have their own way of draping techniques. Marathis are famous for their Paithani and Nauvari sarees. Nauvari is nine yards long, unlike the other sarees which are six yards long. Therefore, there is a particular technique of wearing this saree. The draping techniques at different regions are so unique that, by looking at the draping only you can guess the region and culture of the person. It makes the saree a versatile option and therefore, it is one of the reasons why it will never go out of trend.

Suitable for all body types

Yellow Saree
Beige Saree

Unlike the other outfits, a saree never discriminates against a woman on the basis of her body type. In other words, a saree is one such outfit which never body shames a woman.  Means it is designed in such a way that women of all body types can wear to get flattering look. Other outfits are designed keeping in mind a particular body type which is considered an ideal body type for a woman.

However, sarees are not designed in that way. Whether you are a skinny woman, a plus size woman, a curvaceous woman, a petite woman, it does not matter when you are choosing a saree for yourself. A saree oozes out the natural beauty hidden within a woman. You just need to drape it style, pair it with some statement jewellery pieces, and an intricately embroidered clutch bag to get an ethereal look. Therefore, it is called the six yards of pure grace and Elegance.