RTA Cabinet

Signs to Spot a High-Quality RTA Cabinet for Your Kitchen

A high-quality RTA cabinet for the kitchen should be functional and look stunning. It should last at least two decades. But many people start having issues with their cabinets even before that. They start to report problems, such as sagging, crooked doors, dented faces, deteriorating drawers, and loose hinges. These problems happen due to the low-quality construction.

Low-quality kitchen cabinets can lead to aesthetics, as well as functional issues for homeowners. Maintaining them can also become a lot more costly. To avoid such a problem with an RTA cabinet, you have to shop smart. So, here are a few signs of high-quality RTA cabinets.

All Plywood Construction

The boxes of the cabinet are built out of particleboard or plywood. A strong RTA cabinet will have full plywood back and side. This makes sure it maintains its shape when it is being delivered and installed. It will also be able to handle heavy countertops and prevent damage from moisture.

All plywood construction is an important pointer in the guide to buy RTA cabinets in Minnesota. It comes with more holding power with fasteners and screws. Plywood has a better tolerance when it comes to moisture than particleboard. It is one of the most important features to consider for the areas around faucets, sinks, and running water. Plywood can sustain weight for a longer time and is resilient to damage.

Particleboard which is also known as engineered wood is made by pressing wood particles together at a higher temperature using glue. It will not expand or contract with changes in temperature. However, they tend to be more prone to damage caused by moisture or collision. Thus, such RTA cabinets might not be a good idea for your kitchen.

Soft-Close Hinges

One of the most important components of wood or bamboo RTA cabinets is you cannot open or close the door without them. If the hinges are poor in quality, they can become loose and stiff. It might also cause you to have uneven doors.

The best hinges for the RTA cabinets are soft-close steel hinges that are 6-way adjustable. A cabinet hinge comes with a softer close mechanism, which is built into a hardened and nickel-plated hinge. The hinge has to be adjustable in six ways. It should be able to stand up to constant usage.

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However, there are other hinges that you can use. Avoid RTA cabinets that only offer 4-way adjustability.

Full-Height Back Panels

The back of the cabinet can have an impact on the ease of installation and durability. Usually, stronger cabinets use a full-back, full-plywood panel. But the lesser expensive methods are going to use thinner panels, brackets, and metal hang rails. Weaker back panels might result in filing cabinets. Go for plywood back construction for keeping your cabinets secure in the kitchen.

Full-height solid plywood is the most durable full-back panel for a kitchen cabinet. This lets the cabinet remain attached to the studs on the walls. As the plywood’s strength extends from the top to the bottom, you don’t have to get hanging rails.

Other methods use thin panels and brackets and metal hang rails. But they might not be the right choice as they omit the back panel of the bamboo RTA kitchen cabinets completely.