Simone Selkirk

Simone Selkirk Live’s Tips To Market An Event

So, the event is organized. It has a launch date and it has an expected Budget return on investment. But how does that capital return translate into actual dollars?

Simone Selkirk Live gives up and coming event marketers some of their top tips to Market an event

Use Video Promotion

It is not a secret that video is hot, hot, hot. Marketers around the world use video to grow revenue quicker than those who do not use video!

Simone Selkirk Live says that if you are not yet on the video promoting train – you need to get on there now! Video promoting is useful for social media ads, your website, email promoting campaigns, and also the list goes on.

Anyone planning to set aside time to attend an event wants to get a feel for what to expect at the event to know that it’s an event they don’t want to miss out on. The best way to give an audience a sneak preview of what to expect from an event is via Video promotion.

Produce a YouTube Channel

Now that you just learned about the value of video promoting an event, why not produce a YouTube channel to expand your event promotion efforts to a whole new audience?

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Simone Selkirk Live says that the bonus with having a YouTube Channel is that you’ll also be able to use your YouTube Channel to run your video promotion ads.

Run a Regular Even Update Blog Page

Blogging isn’t solely a good forum to share free and helpful updates on your event with your audience, it is also a brilliant and effective event promoting tool.

Running a regular and quality Blog Page will facilitate building your website’s SEO, resulting in a lot of free traffic. It’ll additionally assist you to connect with your audience to make a whole new loyal fan base, which may lead to new event attendees – adding to the success of your event. A Blog Page maintains a frequent and consistent update calendar with high-quality content to keep your audience engaged.

Partner With Well-Known Event Bloggers

Simone Selkirk Live has seen one of the keys to a successful Blog Page is to partner that Blog Page and updates with Influencers on Instagram who can reach thousands of their followers to give them a link to your Blog Page for additional events promotion.

This got Simone Selkirk Live thinking: Just how powerful would it be for a Blog Page to partner with this “social media influencer” of such high popularity?

This is not a replacement strategy, however, it is one that’s usually used by effective event marketers.

If you build an alliance with a number of social media influencers and realize ways to leverage their followers and get them to share your Blog Page and Event Update content, your audience can at the same time grow with theirs.