Custom Match Boxes

Top 7 Unique Custom Match Box Designs for Stylish Collections

Besides being useful objects, matches have extensive use in advertising and as ornaments, and matchboxes are no exception. Their designs are diverse, from the perspective of artistic work and practical application, they can be use for various purposes. The topic of this article is seven individual kinds of matchboxes which, thanks to their invention, material, and purpose, deserve attention.

Vintage-Inspired Matchboxes

Cigarette matchboxes in particular that are decorated in the vintage style look very cute and bring the spirit of the past. Such matchboxes have been illustrated and decorated to incorporate artwork, typography and motifs that hail from different eras to draw the attention of collectors and lovers of artistry that has a classic appeal. Made from cardboard or tin these matchboxes are personalized and modern in both form and function; they are perfect for use during themed parties, restaurants and boutique accommodation services.

Eco-Friendly Matchboxes

Another novel development for custom printed match boxes is the sustainable matchboxes available at the moment. They are normally produce from waste materials like paper cardboard or even biodegradable paper. They are usually design in simple styles and carry environmental slogans; proceeding with their target audiences are green consumers and companies. Pre-print matchboxes in recyclable material give the buyer a sustainable option without lowering the quality or style of the packaging.

Novelty Matchboxes

Innovative matchboxes are essentially special and captivating products in terms of their shapes, colours, and applicability. These match boxes thus appear as miniature books, vehicles, and even food items and have practical uses as well as ornamental and talking posterities. Since they are fun, they are excellent for themed activities, event advertising, and stores that wish to sell unique and useful products.

Travel-Friendly Matchboxes

These small matchboxes are produce using light materials like plastics, and slender cardboard among others hence allowing them to fit in pockets, purses or any travel set. Our customized matchboxes no minimum are perfect for airlines, hotels and adventure outdoors lovers who require portability but not at the expense of functionality and aesthetics.

Multi-Functional Matchboxes

Besides their primary function to burn matchsticks, matchboxes are also creatively design for added utility. There are also compartments for holding other items such as toothpicks, sewing kits or even spices, that make them convenient travel or small emergency kits. The product’s custom matchboxes no minimum with additional features are primarily the kind of product that is useful for the buyer and is also use by businesses for advertisement.


Artistic Matchbox Collections

Matchbox collections depict artistic works that are engrave on matchboxes and look more like artwork on small items usually used in lighting fires. Many of these matchboxes have produced distinctive artwork, fine artwork, or invited works from present-day artists, making them popular among collectors and art lovers. In artistic themes, custom printed boxes with logos can be made about events, exhibitions or even cultural aspects to give them an aesthetic and souvenir feeling.

Advantages of Match Boxes Customization

Brand Promotion

Matchboxes can be print with any logo, slogan or even brand colour and can be consider effective for promotion.


Businesses can make their matchboxes unique with their organizational brands to ensure that people easily identify with the product.


Whether for use in a wedding ceremony or restaurants, decorated matchboxes are multipurpose and appropriate for different functions in creating a favourable environment.


Creative shapes and beautiful fabrics make matchboxes memorable corporate gifts for customers and guests.

Environmental Responsibility

Recyclable and other environmentally friendly materials help to minimize the negative effects on the environment, which is widely important among environmentally conscious buyers and companies.


Every design not only fulfills a functional need but also contributes to marketing and environmental goals while bringing a creative spirit wherever it is install. Discover these creative matchboxes designs to have an idea of where you can use them for your next advertisement or your next collection.