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Top Three Self Seal Envelope Packaging You Need To Know About

Packaging plays an important role in the lives of many people out there. Either we need them in some small works in our day to day life, or we need them in some of the important works, such as shipping the items, or shifting the items during house moving. No matter what, packaging is a great rescue in all situations. Be it storing the items, moving the items, or for gardening.

A packaging material comes up with so many characteristics, that you end up using it for different purposes. You do not just use them for shipping or storing items, or for gardening. You will also find people using it in art and crafts, as gift boxes by customising it in different ways. Or for building shelters for stray animals and birds and so on. It is because of these multiple purpose solutions that it comes with, people across the world rely on packaging so much. Postal supplies are also no exceptions, as they can be used in so many ways.

The interesting fact about postal packaging is that they are available in so many sizes, lightweight in nature. Hence, can be used in different ways not just in personal life but also in businesses as well. Postal packaging in fact, is an affordable option in business, as due to their small size and lightweight nature. You can ship them in bulk, thereby saving labour cost, transportation and shipping cost as well. These days they also come with self sealing adhesive tapes attached to them which further acts as a cherry on the cake.

Self Seal Envelope Packaging

In this article we shall be looking at some of the self seal envelope packaging which are a part of a postal packaging which you need to know about. Envelope packages coming with self sealing solutions, are a trendy and suitable option for businesses. You do not have to spend additional amount of money for buying strong packaging tapes, because the self seal tapes attached to the envelope packages are strong and adhesive enough to keep the packaging sealed throughout the shipping, thus, your items remain completely safe and secured inside the packaging.

Several eCommerce websites, such as Packaging Now come up with such packaging solutions these days to make the task of packing items easier, convenient and efficient and at the same time to ship the items safely and securely to their destinations. Let us now have a look at the top three self seal envelope packages which you need to know about.

Peel and Seal Envelope Packages

Peel and seal envelope packages are known for their effectiveness, efficiency and simplicity. They feature a pre-appli-ed adhesive which is further cover-ed with a strip of protective paper. Hence, when you seal the box, you just need to remove the strip and then press the flap down and in this way your box is completely sealed. This kind of self seal envelope packaging is user friendly, the seal is strong and adhesive enough to keep the items safe and secur-ed from all potential damage, such as tampering and alike. It also comes with no leak feature which further makes it a hygienic option to be used both for business and personal purpose. Many self seal postal boxes in different sizes, colours and materials are coming with this type of self sealing to make your task more convenient.

Self Seal Postal Boxes

Press and Seal Envelope Packages

It is another type of envelope package which comes with a self sealing feature called press and seal. These envelopes are known for two very important characteristics. That is, these packaging are pressure sensitive and self adhesive. It features the adhesive strip on the flap and you can seal the envelope by simply pressing it. Unlike the peel and seal envelope packages, a press and seal envelope package does not contain a paper strip to remove.

It just gives you an immediate seal just by simply pressing the flap. Thus, making your task of sealing the packaging efficient and quick. Also produces less waste, thus, is an eco-friendly option which will benefit in so many ways. It keeps the items safe and secured with its adhesive self sealing characteristic from all potential damage, such as tampering, accidental opening and so on. It is a time efficient packaging which can help you in packing and shipping a huge amount of packages.

Flip and Seal Envelope Packages

Last but not the least, flip and seal envelope packages which are another kind of self sealing packages immensely popular in the market. It comes with an innovative twist, thus, making it more interesting. It features a built in adhesive which you will find not just on both the flaps, but also on the envelope body as well. You just need to flip the flap over and then press it and your packaging is completely seal-ed. This enhances the security of the item further, thus, keeping the items safe and confidential. They look professional and sleek, thus, are a good option for corporate use.

Known for their durability, they keep the items completely safe during transit. Many envelope boxes with this characteristic are available in the market. These self sealing postal boxes save a lot of time and effort. At the same time save you from spending additional money which you may spend on buying packaging tapes, labour costs, shipping and transportation costs and so on. Therefore, self sealing postal boxes are a great option in this smart and fast paced era.