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Basic Steps Of Conducting An Advanced Patent Search Some Aspects Of Industrial Design Search

The most challenging part of a patent process is the patentability search. The task is daunting, and hence it is too tedious for some people. A person who conducts a patent search needs to be immensely passionate about the task. A robust Google patent advanced search requires a lot of digging while reading through a lot of journals and publications so that the merits of the invention can be assessed. The patentability search usually becomes scary because people have to fear that another invention shall be similar to the person’s invention.

The results of any professional search for a patent, which is advised by a legal patent attorney, are anticipated by every inventor, and a person trying to publish his or her patent must have the same done for advancing or moving forward with the invention. Let us have a look at the complete process of how a patent attorney conducts a comprehensive patent search.

Understanding What A Patent Search Is And What Is It Not

A person searching for a patent must have properly defined goals before delving into the process. The main point between a comprehensive prior-art search and a patentability search. A patent search is a search for patent documents. Several non-patent forms are broader while performing a comprehensive search. Some examples of non-patent literature are magazines, dissertations, newspapers, conferences, websites, and newspapers. When a particular invention passes patentability, it means that it has eligibility and has novelty and non-obviousness. In the end, a legal opinion from the patent attorney shall allow the entrepreneur to take a business decision. Patentability clubbed with marketability results in the right business decision.

Disclosure Of The Invention

A good patent attorney shall understand the invention before conducting the research or opining on the results of the research. With the help of an Invention Disclosure Document form, the patent attorney asks several questions that help him obtain information about certain functionality, aspects, and applications of an invention. With this statement’s help, the inventor gets to think about alternative embodiments that cannot be implemented due to cost in the first place but can certainly be achieved with time and money. It is evident that patent inventions change over the course of time with clients, and finally, the customers can give their views and opinions on a system.

Identification Of Key Features

The next step in an advanced patent search is acknowledging the significant features of the invention. These features can also be considered as the core features of the story. With the help of the identification of the major features is to cover all the aspects of the invention without duplicating efforts at all. Using natural language for describing the essential features is one of how the features can be described easily. The ultimate point is to guide the search through the identification of prime features.

Beginning The Search

The patent attorney then conducts a comprehensive search against each of the identified key features in the best and suitable language for the same. Before getting satisfactory results, a person might need to search through several search results before finding search results that have requirements similar to that of the identified vital feature. The process of searching a lengthy one and the patent attorney shall not rush with the thing at all. In the initial phase of research, where the invention’s major features are highlighted, a patent attorney must spend no less than four dedicated hours.

Classification Of Searching: Determination Of Invention Classification

The most effective way to conduct the patent documents that are more or less similar to the invention in concern comes within the proper patent classification. A patent attorney might require a relatively long time if he or she is not acquainted with the USPTO or does not know how to deal with the navigation of the systems of classification. After identifying the distinct functionality of the invention, you can find the sub-classification of the invention. Identifying the sub-classifications helps in refining the search to a particular number of manageable documents.

Non-Google Searches

After completing the broad search, conducting searches in several other search engines might allow access to foreign and domestic publications, which Google cannot provide. Some of the websites that are accessed by the patent attorneys are:

  • Free patents online
  • USPTO search
  • Country-specific searches of natural languages such as that of Japan, Korea, British, France, US, Germany, and a lot more.
  • Multi-country

Industrial design search is another type of inquiry that is dependent on the outer appearance or aesthetic look of an article. These searches are not very straight forward like patent searches. This is because the number of fields used for the search is very low. Design teams frame a formulated strategy that is standardized and can find search reports of industrial design to clients.

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Several IP research organizations are conducting a different kind of patent searches in different parts of the world. We are one such firm that diligently conducts patentability search as well as industrial design search. The expert professionals working at our company are quite well-versed and acquainted with the requirements of the client. In case of a proper industrial design search, certain fields encompassed are a title, classification, jurisdiction, and a brief description of the diagram. The classification, as well as the jurisdiction, are required for the narrowing of relevant results. This analysis shall aid in obtaining a search result that shall be given to the client.

Our company shall be more than happy to help and guide all the customers regarding any relevant patent application. We shall also guide clients on making any changes, enhancing the consequences of obtaining protection on industrial designs. Based on the search reports we provide to our clients, they have been able to make appropriate search decisions in several domains of technology.

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