Christmas Day 2021

Christmas Day 2021: Follow These Healthy Steps For Good Healthy Life

Along with the last days of the year, the time of festive celebrations and parties with family and friends is also approaching, but during this time delicious food can have a bad effect on your health as these dishes contain fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. In such a situation, we have given you some tips to keep yourself safe.

Consuming a diet with a high glycemic index at parties causes a sudden spike in blood sugar, which increases the level of insulin in the body and makes you feel sleepy. This condition can be very serious for patients suffering from diabetes.

Christmas Dinner

The dishes eaten during Christmas not only lead to weight gain but can also lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Keeping these things in mind while preparing dishes for a Christmas party can help you keep your heart healthy without making any compromises.

Use MUFA Oil

Avoid fried foods as far as possible, if you want to eat fried dishes, then cook them in oil containing MUFA. MUFA i.e. monosaturated fatty acid is beneficial for the heart. Groundnut oil, mustard oil, canola oil are good examples that help in reducing high blood pressure and protect you from heart diseases. They also reduce the chances of blockages in the arteries by reducing the bad cholesterol.

Eat Plenty Of Green Vegetables


During this, you maintain your balance by consuming plenty of green vegetables along with fat-rich dishes. Eat salad along with vegetables. Vegetables are high in fiber so you feel your tummy full. Similarly, if you eat cashews, almonds, and walnuts daily, then you will get healthy fats and good nutrition.

Eat-In Moderation

Girl with Forks in hand

These days the dining table is full of delicious dishes, but instead of over-eating, eat everything in moderation.

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Reduce Sugar And Salt Intake

Sugar And Salt

Cut down on sugar and salt intake during festivals. Reducing salt intake in the diet reduces the chances of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Similarly, by consuming sugar in limited quantities, you can also protect yourself from heart diseases. Use jaggery or molasses instead of sugar.

Eat Good Meat

Meat is rich in protein. But red meats such as beef, pork, and lamb have higher levels of saturated fat than chicken and fish. Due to which the chances of heart diseases increase. On the other hand, foods rich in Omega 3-fatty acids reduce the chances of heart failure.

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