Hollywood Singer Katy Perry And Camila Cabello Came Forward To Help India

COVID 19: Hollywood Singer Katy Perry And Camila Cabello Came Forward To Help India – This Appeal To Fans

The corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in India and Indians are constantly fighting it. In this hour of crisis, everyone is coming forward to help each other and in such a situation, Bollywood celebs are also reaching out to people. Now the name of Hollywood celebs has also been added to this episode. Recently Hollywood singers Katy Perry and Camila Cabello have requested to help people by sharing posts on their Instagram.

Katy Perry has appealed to her fans to contribute to help India fight the Corona infection. While sharing a post on his Instagram, he wrote, ‘You must have heard about the devastation in India. Every day the number of cases of Covid is creating a new world record.

According to the NPR report, India has peaked with 386,453 cases. Hospitals have stopped recruiting patients, as they are facing a shortage of vital supplies and equipment, including oxygen. Due to which people have to see their loved ones dying on the stretcher outside the hospital door.

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She further tagged the British Asian Trust and wrote, ‘My friends are trying to get oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India. If you want to help, consider helping. Link is in my bio’.

So in this episode, singer Camila Cabello shared a video from her Instagram handle and expressed her sorrow over the situation in India due to the Corona epidemic. Camilla tagged some in the caption, writing, ‘India is facing a devastating second wave of corona infection. Due to which resources and assistance are desperately needed to help save India‘.

She further wrote that, ‘Please contact Jai Shetty and Radhi Devlukia, who are trying to raise one million dollars for Give India if you can. Your help can make a difference. Do your best for it. Click on the link below to donate. Click on the link below to donate’.

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