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Different Aspects of Fundraising For Renewable Energy

We keep hearing of a number of large corporations engaged in energy exploration and distribution. The reason for this is that oil and natural gas are very limited in quantity, and the rate at which they are being produced is very low compared to the rate at which they are being depleted. The progress and growth of our civilization is also leading to more and more usage of energy. Experts predict that within the next 100 years, we would have used up all our stock of oil and natural gas. But the human race is not going to become extinct in the next 100 years.

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That is why there is a worldwide race to look at alternative sources of energy. There are a number of companies who are trying to come up with renewable energy sources, which is indeed the energy of the future. This requires a large amount of renewable energy project finance. Because this form of energy is not the traditional source, therefore renewable energy finance might not be so easy to come by.

The problem with renewable energy sources is that many of them are still in the realm of research and development. And the promoters of such initiatives might not be completely sure if the source they are pursuing will really yield a sustainable source of energy. But the research and exploratory work involves a lot of money, and that is the reason why oil and gas finance is very important. Sometimes companies which find it difficult to raise the necessary funds also look for larger companies who might want to take them over. There are larger energy companies which know that renewable energy could become an important energy source in future, and so they might be interested in taking over a smaller renewable energy company.


All such fundraising activities or mergers and acquisition activities need a high level of expertise. That is why companies look for subject matter experts to help them navigate through the process. Kapok Capital is one such company. Fundraising for energy and renewable energy is their specialization, and they have over a decade of experience in raising funds for such projects. They can arrange for debt fundraising as well as oil and gas equity fundraising. They do this through their closely held network of private equity and family offices of high net worth individuals. Additionally, they also offer risk management advisory as well as mergers and acquisition consultation.

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