From Now We Have To Pay Youtube For Listening To Music. Know Why

From Now We Have To Pay Youtube For Listening To Music. Know Why?

YouTube Music Premium: Now you have to lose your pocket to listen to songs on YouTube. Users will not be able to listen to music for free on Google. Google has released new plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in India. In Google’s annual plan, money will have to be paid at the beginning of every month. Google has also launched the annual plan in India including the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, and Japan.

Google has started its annual plan after YouTube’s monthly and quarterly plan. As an introductory offer, Google is currently offering the subscription at a discounted rate till January 23. You can get an annual subscription to YouTube Premium for Rs 1,159 and YouTube Music Premium for Rs 889.

What Are The New Rates of YouTube Premium Plan?

Till now Google was charging Rs 129 per month for YouTube Premium. The cost of the YouTube family plan is Rs 189 per month. In the YouTube family plan, up to five family members can use YouTube Music simultaneously. Student monthly plan starts from 79 per month, but for this, annual verification will be done.

Youtube Plan

The monthly subscription of YouTube Music Premium starts at Rs 99 per month. Its family plans start at Rs 149. For students, this plan starts from Rs 59 per month.

Google Prepaid Plan For YouTube Music Premium

Google has not disclosed the amount users will have to pay after the offer expires. Users can cancel their existing subscription and join the annual premium plan anew. Apart from this, prepaid users will be automatically transferred to the annual plan after the prepaid plan expires.

Currently, there is no money-back plan, which means you have to wait till your current plan expires and can join the annual plan after that.

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