Halloween Day 2021: Halloween Day Is About To Come, Here Is The Story Behind Its Celebration

People consider Halloween Day as a festival of intimidation. Full makeup is done like spirits and ghosts. The clothes are also chosen according to the Halloween theme. Halloween Day i.e. Halloween Night will be celebrated on 31 October.

Halloween Night is a festival celebrated with pomp in western countries. Everyone celebrates this festival in their own way. For children, it is a day to take chocolates from neighbors and relatives, while elders pray for the peace of their ancestors’ souls on this day.

People celebrate it with great fanfare in many countries including Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, New Zealand, and Australia. However, now its craze is also seen in India. The day of Halloween is the last day of the Celtic calendar, so people of the Celtic race in Europe also celebrate this day as the beginning of the new year.

By the way, you must be feeling awkward hearing the name Halloween. Usually, people dress up in beautiful clothes at the festival, but this festival is somewhat different. On this day people consider it a festival to scare. Full makeup is done like spirits and ghosts. The clothes are also chosen according to the Halloween theme. Halloween Night will be celebrated on 31 October.

How Did Halloween Begin?

In Europe, the people of the Celtic race believed that on this day the souls of the dead come and meet the people. They believe that the souls of their ancestors will come to earth, which will make it easier for them to harvest their crops. That’s why they become Halloween and used to dance and sing around the fire wearing animal masks, their skin, their heads. They believed that there was a specific supreme natural force. It was celebrated as ‘All Saints-Day-All Hallows (holy) or Hallows Eve, which gradually became Halloween.

How Is Halloween Celebrated

Although you must have heard the name Halloween, on this day people wear ghostly clothes and go to people’s homes and take candy as gifts. According to Irish folk tales, it is customary to make Jack-O-Lantern on this day. People take a hollow pumpkin, in which they make eyes, nose, and mouth and a candle is placed inside it. In the end, this pumpkin is buried by the people.

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By the way, in America, it is also associated with the harvesting of pumpkin cultivation. At this time, pumpkins are very large and very big, which can be easily cut.

The Story Behind Lighting The Lantern

Lighting lanterns on Halloween Day is considered a popular tradition. The Irish folk tale of miser Jack and the devil is believed to be behind this. Irish-born miserly alcoholic Jack invited a wicked friend of his to drink at home, but he did not want to spend his money. He persuaded his own friend to give him a pumpkin in the house instead of alcohol. Later, he retracts from his word. His friend angrily made Pumpkin’s scary lantern and hung it on a tree outside the house, on which he carved his mouth and put burning coals. Since then, as a lesson for other people, this day was celebrated as Jack-o-Lantern. It is also a symbol of showing the way to the souls of their ancestors and protecting them from evil spirits.

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