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Prevent Your Baby From Falling Off The Bed With The Help Of Baby Safety Rail Guards

As your child is growing, he or she would learn to climb out of their crib and reach up to a height of almost 35 inches, and you must know that the time has come for you to discard the crib. As they grow up, you can shift them to a toddler bed. However, accidents are pretty much unavoidable, and they may occur at any time and in any place. Your little one may also fall off their bed and hurt themselves. For this, you can use a baby safety bed rail that will safeguard your baby from falling. The initial days of parenting are a bit tiring and stressful.

However, most of the fears are irrational, and they come up from the sense of protectiveness for your child as a parent. We understand that your fears are deep-rooted, and therefore we are launching a range of baby safety products that will assure you satisfaction and relieve that your baby is safe even while sleeping.

What Should You Do When Your Baby Has Fallen Out Of Bed?

Since babies are small, you think that they are completely incapable of crawling up to the edge of the bed and even falling off. It is due to the flailing of the arms and legs that you should not underestimate their capabilities. Babies falling off their bed is a very common affair, and it may make you feel to be a terrible parent. Rather than fussing at the little one, you can follow a few steps that will ensure that there is no long-lasting effect on the health of the child. Preventing the fall is supposed to one way you can deal with your child falling off the head.

If you find in the middle of the night that your baby fell out of bed for the next one hour, keep a check on him to see whether there are some after-effects on the body. You must check whether the baby is conscious or not. The fall could make the baby unconscious, or the toddler might be limping or sleeping. As a parent, you can treat the situation to be a medical emergency. Parenting advisors advise not to move the child much as it may cause further injury.

If you find that there is any kind of impact on the head of the baby, there might be an outgrowth or a bulge in the head of the baby. It indicated a superficial swelling in the head. You can apply a cold compress and comfort the child.

As parents, you can use bed rails for kids when they are at least two years of age, and they can be used until they are 5. You should follow the manual of the instructor while installing the baby safety rail for the bed. To keep the baby away from falling off the bed, you can shorten the distance between the floor and the floor. There are several ways in which you can prevent your babies from falling off-

  • Firstly, remove the frame of the bed and place the mattress on the floor for minimizing the distance to the floor.
  • You can push the mattress to the wall and ensure that all the chairs and tables are quite away from the reach of the children so that when they are falling, the kids don’t get hurt.
  • You can teach your child a safe manner of getting down from the bed. This can be by sliding off their belly.
  • You can place a carpet on the floor, which would hurt less while they fall on the floor.
  • You can place two pillars on either side that would prevent the baby from rolling off the bed while they are asleep.

It is advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the bed rails while installing them since a subtle gap between the rail and the bed could result in your child getting trapped in it. Hence, you must use the rails on a strict note and fit them tightly with no gap in between the rail and the mattress. The installation of bed rails requires careful management, and parents must learn about it from user guides available on the internet.

At Safe-O-Kid, you will get baby safety bed rails at comprehensive prices. Following are some of the attractive features of the bed rails that we sell-

  • They are highly stretchable and washable and made of tear-free nylon material that is washable.
  • The bed rail for baby safety can be installed quite easily in all types of beds and mattresses.
  • The bed guard rails can make vertical down perfectly, which shall save the room while avoiding the fact that the bed rail will be hitting the floor while putting it down.
  • The baby safety bed rail has a buckle with a double lock. An awake kid will not be able to open it easily.
  • There are five hinge joints, and you can adjust the height of the bed rail according to the height of the mattress.
  • The safety rail guard is made up of light material that is resistant to abrasion. It consists of anti-collision oxford cloth, a breathable net fabric, and frames of iron tubes that are of excellent quality.
  • You can fix the bed rails with the help of screws that would never collapse.

Our company has been in the business of producing safety equipment for kids for many years, and it is through our services that we have been able to attract a lot of customers who rely on us for the safety of their babies. There are four agendas that we follow. We do not want accidents and injuries to delay or hinder the development of the child; we do not compromise on the health of the baby, the products are simple and easy to install, and the appearance of the products are quite aesthetic and simple. We empathize with your concern about imparting safety to your kids and hence work hard to assure you their safety.

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