Simple Skincare Routine for Men

Simple Skincare Routine for Men to Slay Signs of Aging

Aging is a natural process, so fighting it is as ridiculous as defying gravity. The universal proverb ‘menage like wine’ should be enough to convince you that you get more handsome every day. Unlike with women, the fine lines and wrinkles that emerge alongside greying hair or a receding hairline enhance the facial features of men. Do not start reaching for every product labeled ‘anti-aging’ until you cross the age of 45. If the crow’s feet around your eyes, drooping eyelids, enlarged pores, saggy neck, or a diminishing jawline are making you self-conscious, don’t go pay a visit to some cosmetic surgeon yet. The last thing you need is to be turned into a life-size Ken doll and then lose in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

You can preserve your natural splendor by taking better care of your skin. Men are twice as much susceptible to skin cancer in contrast to women, only because they lack a basic skincare routine. The majority of men under 40 solely rely on bar soap. Your face is like your favorite suit jacket, so it is time you treat it the same. You would never toss your most classy suit with everyday laundry and cheap detergent, followed by a tumble dry. You would rather send it off to the dry cleaner where it is de-soiled with extra care, smoothed out with a steamer, and then secured in a garment bag, in order to preserve its novelty.

A simple skincare routine is all it takes to delay the aging process and look your best past your 40th birthday bash. All the beauty products out there are not just for women. Many companies are supplying face creams, scrubs, cleansers, and serums that are particularly designed for the male skin. You don’t have to wear one of those stick-on masks and cucumbers on your eyes all day to look young and refreshing. No matter how patchy, rough, darkened, and slack your face looks right now, this can be fixed. The following anti-aging regimen is all you need to radiate and dazzle the spectators around you:

Use a Foaming Face Wash

It is time to replace your true and tried bar soap with a nice tube of foaming face wash from the drugstore. It is a lot easier on the skin and does not entirely strip it from essential natural oils. Do this every day and by the end of the week, you will notice that your face looks a lot fresher, softer, and brighter. The foaming face wash smells better than your regular bar of soap, it is easier to carry around (for travel), and it lathers well. It also lasts long, so it’s okay if costs a little more than solid soap.

Scrub and Exfoliate

Once or twice a week, you may require deep cleansing of your skin pores. Look up the best facial scrubs for men and buy one that suits your needs and budget. Scrub formulas contain active granules that scour out contaminants and dirt stuck in pores. They also remove dead skin cells and other impurities that lead to skin breakouts. Do this regularly to achieve clearer, smoother, and silkier skin over time. This will also help prevent or solve acne problems to reveal a whole new you.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Skin that lacks moisture is prone to dry out, stretch, appear patchy, and promote wrinkling. If you don’t already own a moisturizing lotion or cream, no wonder your skin is aging too quickly. If your skin is naturally oily, you should opt for a light moisturizing lotion that is quickly absorbed by the skin; apply a small bit, once or twice daily. If you have dry skin, go for a thick moisturizing cream. The layer of moisturizer will form a protective layer over the skin and retain its moisture. In addition to external care, make sure you drink plentiful water throughout the day. Men with sensitive skin must choose a fragrance-free moisturizer to avoid redness and inflammation.

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Wear Sunscreen

In Winter, summer, autumn, or spring, a dab of sunscreen on exposed skin will bring out the zing. Harmful UV rays from the sun penetrate the earth’s atmosphere through all seasons. They can trigger many skin problems, accelerate the signs of aging, and even lead to skin cancer. Application of sunscreen before leaving home in the morning is the only way to shield yourself. It will also eliminate dark spots and improve your complexion. You can buy a moisturizer with SPF (15 and above) to kill two birds with one stone.

Say ‘Hello’ to Retinol Serum

Retinol serums contain nutrients/minerals that nourish the skin and restore its natural vigor. Vitamin A in retinol helps eradicate acne, shrink pores, reduce wrinkling, and fend off several other skin issues. Select a serum that is rich in antioxidants, as they are an active ingredient that promotes skin repair, thereby eliminating pigmentation, dark circles, spotting, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Retinol serums make the skin sensitive to sunlight, so incorporate them into your nighttime routine. Apply it once or twice a week on your face before going to bed and rinse it off the next morning.