Tips to Use AdWords Keywords in the Best Manner

Tips to Use AdWords Keywords in the Best Manner

The most difficult step after identifying the right keywords for any AdWords campaign is to make sure that they are used effectively. Be it via a PPC management company or individually, driving SERP Quality Scores up can be done easily. How to get users to click on your website? Discussed below are essential tips on how to Use AdWords Keywords in the best manner –

Using Keywords in Advertisements

A lot of people make the mistake of not including their keywords in each of their advertisements. Most people who make this mistake get lazy with the copy section of their ads and create adverts that are not appealing to specific user search queries.

If users are looking for the “best washing machine seller in my state” then the advertisement has to say “best washing machine seller in your state” directly in the headline.

Why? For the reason that users will be much more likely to click on an advertisement that endorses exactly what they are looking for. In addition to that, it also improves the relevancy with which the Google algorithm sees the ad. This results in an improvement in click-through rates, improvement in Quality Scores, and a significant reduction in overall cost per conversion.


Organizing the AdWords account properly is crucial. Segment various campaigns and advertisement sets as per their keyword strength. The differentiation should be like this – “best washing machine for single-family” and “washing machine for all types of washing”? Although both keywords are similar, segmenting them into various ad groups in AdWords instead of using dynamic keyword incorporation helps in reducing cost-per-click charges and improves overall conversion rates. It also becomes easier to examine what keywords are outdoing others throughout the campaign.

Customizing Landing Pages

For getting Quality Scores, creating a fine landing page prototype, replicating it, and simply modifying keyword usage in each ad or slightly changing the parent ad groups, is not enough. Modifying different areas of the landing page to suit various types of target audiences is very important.

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Not only does it improve the Google algorithm’s perception of these landing pages, but it also improves bounce rates and the overall time a user spends on such landing pages. This is a simple process if a good content management system is in place. Try to emulate big-budget advertisers who create innovative landing pages for every campaign.


Just creating one ad for your digital campaign? Big mistake! Have at least two advertisements per ad group. Test the efficiency of the copy being used in these ads.

Try testing an ad copy that emphasizes an advantage of the product (luxury, practicality, etc.) against an ad that has a copy highlighting a monetary discount (20% off on the first purchase, etc). Only after proper testing will the campaign managers discover which type of ad campaign their audience prefers.

These basic yet highly effective steps will definitely help your website achieve amazing click-through rates. Click here