What Are The Different Types Of Acne That Skin Can Have

What Are The Different Types Of Acne That Skin Can Have

Acne can come to us in different forms from mild to moderate. When you have less acne, you can combat the condition by regularly using an acne-fighting kit. But if your face is covered with severe acne, then you must seek a professional dermatologist’s help. The different types of acne that our skin can have are:

1. Whiteheads

It is very mild. The name is due to the appearance of acne. You should know how to properly remove the whiteheads by using the acne extractor kit, otherwise, the skin may get scarred or inflamed.

2. Blackheads

They are much worse in appearance compared to whiteheads when they are ripe. You can remove them with a 0.5 mm derma roller. But before removal washes your face and hands properly.

3. Papules

They are red and tender in nature without any heads. Papules should not be removed forcefully as it will end to spread the infection further. Wait for them to become mature and pustules.

4. Pustules

This is the last stage of acne that contains the yellow or white head. You can let it pop naturally or can seek expert help to pop it under sterile conditions.

Acne can have huge painful nodules. An acne cyst is much worse than nodules as it has pus along with pain. Acne Rosacea is another type that should be left as it is as it may cause severe swelling when mistreated. Acne Conglobata, Gram-negative folliculitis, acne fulminans, and Pyoderma Faiale are some of the brutal forms of acne.

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Whatever conditions is your acne in, Petuna Skin Care products will take care of your skin with love. But we would always recommend consulting a dermatologist before it goes out of your hand.

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