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When Gabbar Singh Did Not Get Tea On The Set Of Sholay – Know Here The Funny Incident

You all will surely remember the Gabbar of the film ‘Sholay‘. Will not even remember how actor Amjad Khan played this character in a very brilliant way. Even today, he is famous in the world of cinema as ‘Gabbar‘. The new-look that he gave to the film screen villain through this character is rarely seen today. But do you know that Amjad was not the first choice for this role because Javed Akhtar, who co-wrote the film’s story with Salim Khan, did not find Amjad Khan’s voice as strong as Gabbar’s character.

Salim Khan wanted to cast actor Danny Denzongpa for the role. But then something happened that Amjad Khan was chosen for this role and he became a hit by becoming Gabbar. Today we are going to tell you an interesting anecdote related to Amjad Khan, after listening to which you will start laughing at this act of the actor.

It was said that when Amjad Khan was on the shooting set, there was a very pleasant atmosphere. Amjad Khan had some such habits, there were stories that were very famous among his friends and on shoots. One of them was very fond of drinking tea. They used to drink thirty cups of tea every day and on the day they did not get tea, it becomes very difficult for them to work.

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Something similar happened in the Prithvi theatre while he was rehearsing for a play. During that time he did not get tea due to which he got upset. When asked about this on the set, they were told that the milk had run out. What was it then that spending a day without tea was like spending a hundred days for Amjad Khan.

The very next day, Amjad Khan brought not one but two buffaloes on the set and tied it and instructed the tea-seller that tea should be made. Amjad Khan was as much addicted to tea as anyone else. With this, Amjad Khan was second to none in terms of friendship.

He had a close friendship with Amitabh Bachchan. Both of them worked together in many films which became superhit. The interesting thing is that in most of the films where both of them worked together, Amitabh was a hero in most of them, while Amjad appeared in the character of villain. Every character was made memorable by Amjad, but the identity he gave to the form of a villain is indelible and to date, no one has tarnished him.

Not only this, but Amjad Khan also took special care of his family. He did love marriage to Shehla Khan, leaving her three children Shadab, Seemab, and daughter Ahlam. Amjad was deeply in love with his wife and children. Even though Amjad Khan played the role of an on-screen villain, he was a hero to his children and his friends.

That ill-fated day of July 27, 1992, also came when he moved away from this world. Amjad Khan was to meet someone at seven in the evening and he went to his room to get ready, where he died due to a heart attack. Talking about this, wife Shehla had said “He went to the room to change clothes. At 7:20 pm, Shadab came down saying, ‘Daddy has cooled down and he was sweating. Amjad fainted and in a few minutes, he had left us. Amjad always used to say, ‘I will go easily.

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