Australian Resident Visa

5 Key Ingredients For Getting Success In Australian Resident Visa

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of immigration applications regarding work, family, student, and migrant classes. But, only a small percentage(%) of all those applications gain success as quality and class checks are getting tougher every year. Therefore, we have mentioned a few but key ingredients which can help you in getting success for the Australian resident visa:

  1. Evidence
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All the visas, including 190 visa or 189 visa Australia require a validating evidence such as work-experience, certificates, and asset holdings need to be shown and as relationships have to be proved. Also, everything which you claim must be backed up with proof. Tax returns, pay-slips, and bank records are best for proving employment. For example- If you are trying to prove that you have worked for 1 year, then give them 12 monthly pay slip with bank statements showing the payment deposits.

  1. Keep Deadlines

Deadlines are very vital, so ensure that all information and documents are provided within the prerequisite time periods. Keep in mind that extensions of time are not given so ensure you check your letterbox and email and respond to any requests within the stated timeframe.

  1. Choose the Right Visa

People who are planning on working in Australia must check that the visa they are applying for lets you to work. Breaking the norms on your visa can result in the visa being canceled.

  1. Be consistent

Remember the Immigration Department of Australia will cross-check all of the information submitted by you and bring up previous government records and visa applications to check for consistency. Additionally, clearing up an inconsistency can delay the process, potentially risk a denial and cost money for advice. 

  1. Be Honest Always

Keeping full integrity and honesty about everything that you submit is very important. If you do something wrong, you can be banned for many years where you will not be able to submit any future applications regarding permanent visa Australia or any other type of visa. Apart from this, if you hide something and the department found that you are likely to get refused. Also, prior convictions and rejected applications must be disclosed to show honesty.

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