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How to Babyproof a Nursery with Finger Safety Lock for a Baby

Making the nursery childproof is the most vital aspect when you have an infant in your home as a parent or a grandparent. As soon as the babies can crawl, walk, run, or scoot, they will get interested in everything they see. As small as they might be, they can get into trouble very quickly. To ensure that your home is safe, you need to follow some safety precautions. These safety guards are highly recommended as children find everything curious and find their way into everything and anything.

Another most essential thing to check is the electrical sockets. Any socket that does not include a plugin requires being covered up with some guard. You can purchase a socket protector that will prevent your baby from sticking their little fingers in the socket and get electrocuted. In this article, we will be going to share some vital tips on how to baby proof a nursery with the safety guards.

Safety of the Crib

As a parent, we should always look after the safety of the child in the crib. The mattress should perfectly fit within the crib frame. If you are using crib sheets, fold the corners tightly to fit the mattress. The bumper pads in the cribs might prevent the baby’s legs from getting injured or stuck. You should attach the bumper pads with the help of a fabric strap. But remember when your child begins to pull themselves up to the stand, they can climb out of it. Before putting your baby to sleep, make sure that everything should be out of the crib like pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, or quilt to prevent suffocation. Only keep light blankets in the crib.

Nursery Safety Tips

Baby proofing a nursery is an ideal way to assist your baby from getting hurt. Choose proper window protectors that would open the windows to a height that is unreachable for them. Some furniture corners are just the height of your baby. To protect them from getting hurt, you need to use a high-quality cupboard Finger Safety Lock for the baby. You should push all the furniture to the wall.

Now, do you have a dresser in the room without any stops? If yes, then it is high time to put a finger safety drawer lock for the baby. All the lights in the room should also be shockproof, especially the ones that might reach their heights. Cover all the door corners with a finger guard that will protect your child from the pinched fingers. If you have a staircase that opens directly from the nursery, then you also need to have the safety gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Decoration Tips

It is perfect decorating the walls of the nursery with crib organizers, pictures, and colorful stickers. But do not place anything on the wall hanging over the crib that your child might get their hands on. All it takes for the child to stand and rip it off from the wall, which might end up in their crib.

Other Safety Tips for the Home

Apart from the nursery, you will also need to baby proof your entire home. Below are some of those efficient tips that you can use to baby proof your home.

  • Put a safety lock on all the windows.
  • Cover all the electrical outlets in the home with safety covers
  • Put edge cushions and corner protectors in every sharp corner
  • Install carbon monoxide and also the smoke detectors in the nursery and all over the house
  • Cover the power cords
  • Install safety gates in the staircase
  • Lock away all the cabinet with baby finger safety cabinet lock
  • Do not install the space heater too near to the baby crib.
  • Keep all the cleaning supplies, medicines, and batteries out of their reach.
  • Ensure that all the doors include a lock so that the child will not accidentally lock themselves inside a room
  • All the doors and the box guards should include a finger pinch guard so that the furniture does not fall on the head and hand of a child.
  • Install a baby monitor so that you can hear or view your child clearly
  • Put a safety lock on all the cabinets and drawers that include poisons and chemicals.
  • Cover all the oven and stove knobs
  • Lock up the toilet seat so that the babies cannot fall or drop your precious items into it
  • Do not use back burners on the stove so that the babies do not pour and reach up to the hot liquid on them.
  • Cover the spout of the bathtub so that your loved one does not hurt their head
  • Always use a non-skidding mat in the tub so that the baby does not slip, fall and hurt their head.

Another significant problem for children is the risk of drowning. Never leave a child alone in the bathtub unattended. Baby will go under the water with just one slip. If your house includes an outdoor pool, make sure that it is well covered with a fence so that your child does not fall in it.


If you are a new parent or are expecting a child who has moved into a new place, then make sure you have taken all the above safety precautions for your child to protect them from any harm. The above tips are simple measures that you should follow to create a childproof and safe home for the most precious gift of your life. If you have not included these safety measures, then there is no need to panic that your home is not secure for your baby. Just take care of the potential dangers mentioned in this write-up and remedy them sooner or later. We hope that this article has helped you properly by warning you about the possible threats and their preventions in your infant’s room.

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