Baby Door Guard Gates

Install Baby Door Guard Gates For The Protection Of Your Little One

All parents care about the safety of their youngsters. Baby door safety gates are one of the top 10 products that are purchased by newborn parents. More than 35 million products are sold every year to look after the safety concerns of the babies. With the medley presence of various rooms with hallways and stairwells, today’s generations are most fortunate to get access to various baby door gates or safety gates for maximizing the safety of their child. 

Naturally, the children are always curious about everything they have around them, and in this way, they develop their skills. Thus to ensure they do not enter the unwanted areas in your home, door safety gates are ideal in blocking them from any accidents. It will also prevent them from going anywhere to a location that you thought unimaginable. In this write-up, we will discuss below the type of baby door security gates that are present in the market. 

Hardware Mounted Safety Gates

This safety gate is non-portable and opens with a push from the babies. You can fix the gates with screws into the walls with permanent hardware on a door frame or wall. The most frequently visited areas which the hardware mounted gates can protect are in between the rooms, in and out of any door, barbeque room, and spherical fireplace. This gate comes with an installation kit.

Pressure Mounted Safety Gates

The pressure mounted ones are the most common baby door guard gates. You can open pressure mounted gates wide enough so that it will fit the doorways and lock it so that the pressurized rubbers will embrace the door frames or the walls. It is highly portable and is a bit expensive. They do not come with bolts and should not be used at the top of the stairs as the child might have passed through the gate. They act as security barriers to the stairway backside, patio doors, and the main door to the outside or between the rooms. 

Factors to consider before buying a Safety Door Gates

Below are some of the most significant factors that one should consider before purchasing a baby door safety gate.

Gate Spacing

The gate slow should be less than 3 inches apart to prevent the legs, hands, arms, or hands from getting stuck in between the device. Always read the manual by the manufacturer and examine the slat distance to reduce this threat. You can also install a gate with plastic telescopic rails to stop any sudden accidents. 

Meet All the US Standards

Check if the safety gate you are buying does come with a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certification. This certification signifies that the product meets all the testing and necessities of the American Society for Testing and Materials. You can check out the Certified Product Directory by the manufacturer on the official website of JPMA to ensure that the gate includes the necessary certification.


According to the standards, the baby door safety gates’ height must be at least 22 inches tall. You can also buy a gate at least 2 inches above the height of your child. Once your baby is two years of age or three feet tall, you will not require a baby gate. Thus always ensure before buying that gate is not easy to hop or jump over to avoid the falling risk.

Materials of the Gates

Most of the door safety gates are composed of metal, wood, or plastic, but that does not mean that all the plastic is free of toxic chemicals or materials that are not safe for the little one. If you are looking for a baby gate that is composed of plastic, then ensure that it is Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC free which is highly hazardous for the children. Also, check out how to install the baby gates. There should be no sharp ends or loose screws that could hurt your little one. 

The best Features of Baby Safety Gate to Look For

You should check out the below features before buying the baby door guard gates

Self Closing

Parents often enter into confusion about whether or not to leave the baby gate open all the time. Well, self-closing baby gates will reduce this threat. After walking through the gate, it will instantly close securely behind you.

Walk Through

Some baby gates are less expensive than the others and come with a design to step over. They are less safe for the baby due to the enhanced risk of the child falling over. You should look for a baby gate door that is safe to walk through. Walkthrough doors often include secure and easy locking to avoid the baby pulling or pushing the door open.

Multiple Uses

Some baby doors include a design for multiple uses. The 3-in-1 baby gate keeps your baby out of danger in many ways. Some act like a fireplace barrier, while some can convert into a yard for the baby to play in a covered space. Some door gates also act as a stairway gate. Thus when looking for a multiple baby door gate, double-check all the places the child can go.


Most of the safe baby door gates come with inbuilt indicators that warn you when you have not closed the gate properly. Some also give a warning sign with a small red light as an indicator to show that the gates are open. You can also add a door alarm connected to your phone so that you will receive a notification when the gate is not closed. 

Final Thoughts

Always try to check out the ease of use before buying the safety door gates. Sometimes your hands are full of things, and you need to get around the gate; thus, the device must allow you to pass through easily but will prevent your baby from passing through. So look at all the above-mentioned factors before installing baby door gates for the protection of your little one.

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