Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers – All Facts You Need To Know

Quantum Computers – Today’s world is running on the basis of computers in a way. These computers are becoming more and more powerful every day. However, the classical computers we are using today have some limitations. Their biggest limitation is the speed of data processing. Current computers spend a lot of time-solving complex mathematical equations.

Quantum computing

Not only this but there are also problems related to storage and server with them. Therefore, scientists and engineers are engaged in making classical computers even more advanced. Parallel to this progress in the world of classical computers, another experiment is going on, namely – Quantum Computing.

Amazing Achievement In The History Of Quantum Computing

History Of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was practically a theoretical fantasy even for scientists until now, but in the last two years, the whole scenario has changed. Progress in this direction can be gauged from the fact that not a complete quantum computer, but its processor or CPU has been launched. Recently a Dutch start-up Quantware has launched the world’s first Quantum Processing Unit (QPU). The name of this processor is Soprano. This is a wondrous achievement in the history of quantum computing.

Quantum Computers – The Fastest Computers Ever

Quantum Computers - The Fastest Computers Ever

There was speculation about quantum computers for a long time, but in 2019 Google revealed that the world has reached the cusp of the quantum age. In fact, in September 2019, an article accepted for publication in ‘Nature‘ was leaked online. It was learned that Google has made a quantum computer called ‘Sycamore’.

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Google later claimed that Sycamore was able to perform such calculations in just 200 seconds, which would have taken ten years for the world’s fastest supercomputer to do. It is not known how much truth there was to Google’s claim, but it is clear that even ordinary quantum computers of the future will be millions of times faster than today’s supercomputers.

Hard Equations

India Also Engaged In Making Quantum Computer

Scientists from all over the world are engaged in intensive research to make quantum computers. Whoever has the data today is the one who is powerful. Quantum computers can increase the speed of data processing. Can store more data in less space and will make data processing and computation technology more efficient. This will also reduce energy consumption.

Quantum Computers

Today, many multinational companies including Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet-Google, IBM, D-Web, and governments of various countries including India are spending a large part of the national defense budget on them to make quantum computers. Quantum computers will open up new possibilities in areas such as health and science, security, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and industrial manufacturing.

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