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Style Sapphire at Ushering the Glitter Trend into Wardrobes

Remember Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Although fictional, that character with her droopy eyes and shimmering gowns has inspired many to dress in bold glamorous outfits that twinkle like gemstones. Cut to 2019, a glitter revolution seems to have taken over the fashion industry, and if you are noticing it now, you weren’t paying attention before.

The Start of the Trend

The glitter trend started two years back. First appeared in 2017, the trend brought with it a plethora of sparkling dresses, bodysuits, and heels that were not known prior to that year. Soon, these outfits started to grab attention and finally took over the whole party wear section at stores.

So from then on, gem-like dresses that used to be reserved to celebs with a certain taste in fashion like Rihanna became a thing of everybody.

Style Sapphire’s Glitter Line

Style Sapphire took advantage of this superb Hollywood-wide trend to bring to the common buyers a line of celestial clothing. Its collection today comprises of Hollywood variety lace bodysuit and sexy clubwear dress. So if you are looking for an extra dash of glamour in your wardrobe, their collection is a good place to start.

Sparkly dress

With Style Sapphire’s collection, your entire fashion wardrobe can look like a real-life version of a Disney fairy tale. The company which launched only a couple years back has already made a name for itself as one of the favored stores for glitter fashion. For very small prices, the store brings to you fineries that are easily Fashion Week grade. From rhinestone two piece set to shimmering jewelry, it carries all.

Its sparkly products are straight imports from what’s trending on runways. Its collection is full of Instagram-ready outfits that are bound to turn heads in the streets and at parties. Since the time sparkly products started to trend in fashion events and on runways, Style Sapphire is bringing to the buyers these glittering outfits, rhinestone heels and stuff like that.

Its glossy couture is fancy and fashionable but is also sophisticated enough to catch the attention of the minimalists. Backless tops, semi-sheer bodysuits, sparkling sky-high pumps, etc., are the chief contents of its bounty.

In the shoe section of Style Sapphire, you will find some exquisite, absolutely irresistible rhinestone heels that make the best match with its glamour-doll clothing line.

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