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Try The New Palmi Wine UK

So Olu Olu has introduced its exciting new refreshing drink i.e. palm wine UK which is becoming quite popular for its rich taste. It contains all natural juices and is made of tropical palm trees and citric acid which make it safe. Palm Wine is quite popular in Africa as well as Asia and is known with different names like Emu, Nsamba, Kallu, Tuak or Tuba.

It is a sweet and sparkling drink with a rich taste. It has a very low alcoholic content as it contains natural wild yeasts. It is a versatile beverage which has a relatively high content of probiotic content, thiamine and Vitamin B12. It is considered to be a nourishing and yummy beverage which mainly revitalises the mind and the body due to its natural ingredients content.

Nutritional Content

The wine has a very high nutritional value. It does not contain caffeine or any other artificial flavour and is also a very good source of energy. The beverage is known to control high blood pressure. Since it contains high yeast content it aids the eyesight.


The beverage contains sap of the palm trees and citric acid. The all natural ingredients of the drink make it safe for human consumption.

You may either consume the drink all by itself or you may even prepare different cocktails with it. It tastes good anyway.

Size Available

The wine comes in a bottle of 250 ml which is a very convenient size.

Palmi Wine UK is best for serving to your guests. It has a rich and perfect taste and thus has become so popular in UK.

The brand is known as one of the top African foods and beverages company offering tasty snacks, packaged foods and drinks. Thus, the drink is a must try.

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